Russian roulette online game lyrics

russian roulette online game lyrics

Wargames - slot machine poker novoline gratis killed in action, wargames - for satisfaction, shanghai'd - killed in action.
And Im terrified but Im not leaving.
And forget humanity, that's what you like.
Does he stop this bloody game.It's an award I've won, do you think that pays, pays for my life.Wargames, for you it's so easy, to erase my name.Know that I must pass this test.Gilla - Johnny, kansas - Carry On Wayward Son.You can see it through my chest.You might have a celebration, for the ones who died, charity in general.You screwed my brain, and offered me a line, you set my heart on fire.Where is God when I'm buried.Im sweating now, moving slow, no time to think, my turn.
So just pull the trigger, verse 2: Say a prayer to yourself, he says, close you eyes.
That hes here means hes never lost.
Take a gun, and count to three.You make me eat myself, in scream in pain in vain.You know I'm coming, slot book of ra online gratis 10 linee down to the point of fear.We finally meet again Let's play the game online roulette gratis to win I have a lot to waste So we better raise the stake You know all the rules You know the drill You just can't walk away Unless I drop dead This is the game of our lives.What a lie to sell me your fame.Is tax-deductible as well, ain't that exciting, when everything's alright.To treat a man like a pig.